This reading is the channeled messages following the release of BE - to SUGA ------------------------------------------------------- Hi, welcome to MoonChild Serendipity Tarot. I am a Tarot reader and Lightworker in practice. I ONLY DO READING ON BTS on this channel as part of my learning journey. I don't take requests on readings for other people. Find me on Twitter @tarot_moonchild ------------------------------------------------------- ================================= *Please Read: This reading is done from a spiritual standpoint with NO BIAS nor SHIPPING intention. Please respect the reader, the artists and other viewers. **Trigger warning: I never cherry-pick the cards and I always say what’s on them. No filter nor sugar coating. You always have the decision to believe in what I say or not but don’t come at me if it does not go your way. ***Disclaimer: This is purely psychic reading and channeling. Therefore it should not be deemed any type of confirmation or statements related to the actual artist(s) in mention. Please only take what you like, what fits into your belief system and self values and leave what does not, and feel peaceful. Thumbnail photo credit: BigHit Entertainment #BTS_tarot #SUGA #BTS_BE

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