These Marvel characters have no business lifting Thor's hammer!! Subscribe to our channel: Check out Marvel Characters Who Are Worthy Of Lifting Mjolnir over at CBR! One of the most epic moments in the whole MCU so far has been when Captain America wielded Thor’s Mjolnir during the climactic battle in Avengers: Endgame. While Steve Rogers was worthy of carrying Thor’s hammer, the world of Marvel comics have featured numerous characters who should have never been allowed to lift the powerful weapon. From continity to plain out cheating to hold the Mjolnir -- let’s take a look at all those who got their hands on the hammer but were definitely unworthy. The Merc with a Mouth is violent, arrogant, and pretty does whatever he wants. He doesn’t exactly fill the criteria for the role of being worthy of wielding the Mjolnir in any shape or form. It would have been a big insult to show him on the big screen with Thor’s hammer, but everything seems pretty fair game in the comics. Take, for example, Deadpool #37. In the issue, Deadpool spends multiple panels with Loki before the God of Mischief decides to gift him with the Mjolnir. Black Widow has been through thick and thin with her fellow Avengers. She was there by Tony Stark’s side before the Avengers were even a thing. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, she didn’t even try to lift Thor’s hammer -- probably because she knew that no matter what happened, there was far too much red on her ledger to ever make her worthy. And on the flip-side, when you’re done with this, hop on over to our friends at CBR to check out their list of characters who have lifted the hammers and ARE worthy to use Thor’s signature weapon! Our Social Media: Our Website

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